About Us

About Us

Hertfordshire Telugu Association (or HTA), is an organisation of Telugu origin people in Hertfordshire county. It was started initially in 2015 and in March 2017 it has been indorsed as an association. HTA aims to continue, integrate and conform the Telugu traditional inheritance and Telugu Language athwart the county. Our key objective is to sustain our Telugu traditions and customs by celebrating various Telugu festivals and accede the pattern of Telugu culture to youngster and kids.

HTA embrace a tradition of celebrating most important festivals such as Sankranti, Ugadi, Ganesh Chaturthi and Deepavali every year.

Furthermore, from 2017 HTA is also organising an additional activities like outdoor summer Soiree, Sports (Cricket, Tennis, Batminton tournaments), Ladies fun day outs and Kids didactic sessions such as Vedam classes, Bhagvath Geetha classes.

Furthermore, our altruistic goal is to support the Hertfordshire Telugu people migrated from different parts of the globe and their children with any requisite support.

With your constant endowment, help and information, we will justly make this a remarkable association.

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HTA Bank Account details;

Sort Code : 08-71-99

Account Number : 3990 4493

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